Monday, 5 March 2012


Had cross country last Friday. I was kinda exhausted but it was only about 2.5km maybe. Haha I don't have the stamina for long distance running. My heart would explode if I continue running so I slowed down and just walk lol k. Didn't get the top 50 runners but yeah what can I do T__T

Did this a few weeks ago as I was bored ._.

A few boys in the class annoyed me today. I kinda wanna punch them in the face or just stab them with a knife so they would shut their mouths. Lol really, I was thinking of doing these to them hahaha. It was during Seni period, we were doing Lino art whatever it is called & mine turned out to be okay. The class was seriously in a mess!!!! I slept during Maths as the teacher wasn't around but Ashraf woke me up -.- I really have to be patient with the boys in my class. Ugh. Or maybe I'm having my PMS. Maybe..... Then I started to feel dizzy til I'm finally reached home.

The first test will be tomorrow til Thursday. Hm wish me luck! ;)

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