Monday, 14 May 2012

EXAM. Do not disturb

Mid-year examination starts this Wednesday. Soon after the Teacher's Day celebration. What were they thinking? We can't even bring books to the celebration right? Hm Bahasa Melayu on the first day. The next day will be English. Friday is Pendidikan Islam. I'm ready for Pendidikan Islam though. This subject never be a torture to me. On Sunday I thought of doing revision on karangan & essay but then I took a very long nap. Even my relatives came to my house & I was still sleeping. Gonna plan a good timetable for revision purpose throughout the exam week. Weehoo I want straight A's. Maths, please be nice to me ._. I'm kinda scared of answering Maths paper for this exam yknow. I'm afraid I couldn't answer some algebraic expressions questions T_T


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