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Malaysian Biology Olympiad 2016 2nd Workshop

It's such a late post huhuhu so delayed eh? Anyway, it turns out that I got chosen for the 2nd workshop for MBO. Out of 80 participants  (was it 80+ I'm not so sure) from the first workshop, I am the lucky one to go the the next round. Oh yeah! Alhamdulillah. Didn't really thought that I would have made it (aka not really anticipating). So this time around there are 38 students. The accomodation is still the same place, we stayed at PERMATApintar college dormitories. The workshop was conducted from 25 May to 28 May 2016.

For the second workshop we had 4 practical tests, which are conducted during/after 4 lab sessions. Each lab session lasted for three hours (except for one lab session, only two hours). We had lectures too, for Statistics and Biosystematics since these aren't covered in the first workshop. We are divided into two groups, each group will be having 19 students.

First day
Lab 1 : Animal physiology and anatomy
My friend was whatsapping me the other night that I need to prepare for dissection. I didn't expect it to be true. I mean, my friend was merely guessing what was coming out!! But yeah it turns out that we had to dissect a frog. Since it's our first day, and our first lab in the morning, we are really excited for it.

Le group members. Photo credits to Inderjit Kaur
We got one frog for each one of us. Aha no more group work (because during asasi we dissect a rat in group lol). Based on the instructions, we need to dissect then they will take photo after you finish. After dissecting, need to take out organs, need to label, need to answer questions somemore. Ha gitu gitu lah. Yadah yadah macam olympiad lah. Before I went out of the lab, I asked Dr Nurul some questions regarding FST, faculty of science and technology. I went to my room feeling exhausted aha macam baru balik perang rasanya ceh. After lunch we only had lectures. Just some revision for me because we learned Statistics during asasi.

Second day

First thing in schedule is Biosystematics lectures. Kind of a revision too for us (asasi students only) and it's not like a big topic can be covered in a short time. For three hours of lectures, we managed to cover plants and some animals if I'm not mistaken.
Lab 2: Physical and Chemical Methods
The afternoon lab session woohoo expect me to feel sleepy :p It was conducted at Makmal Biologi Molekul. We rode a bus there since it's not in PERMATA. We did gel electrophoresis for DNA and protein then we needed to answer the practical test given. At the end of the lab session we were given the photographed photo of the gel electrophoresis (kinda like the ultrasound photo of the mother's womb hehe). I did not take photos of it though if not I could show it here T_T It was an amazing experience for me to enter such a big lab and do the pracitcal. Two groups can be fitted in the lab. So it's the only joined lab session for the workshop. Doing practical for gel electrophoresis for the first time whooo if not we (asasi students) only learned it by reading the steps. It was my first time learning how to use micropipette too. Thank you Prof Sheila and Dr Ng Chyan Leong and also the lab assistants that assist us ;)

Third day
The last day of lab! Two lab sessions in a day. Prepare to faintttt loljk

Lab 3: Plant Biosystematics
For this lab it was really fun! Prof Jumaat helped us a lot for the practical. Before the test he was basically giving us some hints. Weehee thank you Prof. This lab doesn't tire me out though hahaha it was fun with the plants (well first time seh for me saying that learning about plants is fun :p) There were a few samples of plants and we were given the test.

Lab 4: Animal Biosystematics
This lab is really using the whole energy of your brain. Need to focus, focus and focus. The test was basically to identify the name of species for the given sample of animals. However it was not that easy. We need to identify the samples under microscope to know the characteristics of the abdomen, wings, etc. Eyes and brain need to work together as a team hahaha oh and my identifying skills using the miscroscope has improved since this lab. We were given two microcope each, the compound microscope and the stereo microscope. My 4x, 10x, 40x magnification skills *wink* just give me any sample and I can locate them in no time hahaha. Working with so many samples indeed increase your identifying skills eh.

Dr Ng Yong Foo with Angeline (SM Sains Selangor)
Last day
Closing ceremony~~~ The gold, silver and bronze medalists were announced. Top 4 will be representing Malaysia for IBO this July. Two from ASASIpintar, 1 from Sunway college, 1 from SM Sains Selangor. Yep the girl in the photo above! She's a form 5 student. Kudos to them! I didn't get any medals tho //sulky// Aiseh acah je. Well, getting all the experience is important. At least I get to do something useful during my post Asasi period ;)

Out of context of MBO but during the after we finished with lecture and lab for second day, my asasi friends and I walked to Kolej Keris Mas (KKM). It was our dormitory during asasi. Usually we would ride a bus to Permata for classes/lectures. But for MBO since we're staying in Permata, there's no reason for us to go to Keris Mas however we sort of missed KKM so ten of us from asasi students walk for like 40 minutes to KKM. Had a good chat and laugh with them especially Galvin the mood maker. We bought ice creams, green tea, ordered food for dinner and eat together in a table. Heart-warming from the spending time together. I even went to the photostat shop to greet the uncles. They recognized me right away and asked me "Kenapa dah lama tak nampak?" We chat a lil bit yea I told them I will be coming back in September but not sure which college I'll be staying T_T Even the cashier in the cafe, he also smiled at me cuz like we bunch of asasi kids suddenly coming back to KKM after two months T_T
Oh but the side effect of the long walk (to KKM and back to Permata) tire out my left leg muscle. The next day I barely walk properly hahaha good times

Really, how can I turn back to my amazing experience during asasi. Yes it is tough days but the friends and the memories made us smile and laugh and enjoyed the year together.

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