Monday, 6 June 2016

Ramadhan Kareem


It's the first day of ramadhan. Alhamdulillah for I still have the chance to meet this beautiful and blessed month. For this year, ramadhan is a bit different for me. For so many years, I have been fasting while at school (most of the time spent was at school) and last year was my first time fasting away from family. I was doing my foundation year at UKM. It was a whole new experience for me. I got to make my own sahur. Just a simple sahur would do. I made my drink and eat some biscuits or oat. I definitely missed my ummi's cookings during sahur. For berbuka, I mostly went for a free feast (thanks to those who sedekah food for us, university students). We would gather at the first floor of the college building and wait for the berbuka time. Some did tadarus al quran while waiting. The seniors would start giving away kurma and small mineral water before Maghrib time. And when it is time for berbuka, we would berbuka together with the kurma. Then after Maghrib prayer, we would lined up to get our food. Usually it's rice with chicken/fish lauk, vegetables, and of course fruits. It was more than enough. I managed to save money during the ramadhan month last year as I didn't really eat at the cafe for berbuka.

This year, I got to do sahur and berbuka with my family again. I don't know when will I get to berpuasa with my family again. Although I will further my studies nearby, the chance is when I go home on weekends only. After finishing degree, who knows what will happen. What if I married? Then this ramadhan is the last ramadhan of me with my whole family. And since I have nothing much to do at home, I hope that this ramadhan will be better than the last. May Allah bless my muslim sisters and brothers during this month and may you accomplished whatever goals you have set for this month. Let's change for the better shall we?

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