Monday, 18 July 2016

Being 19

Alhamdulillah for that I have been living in this world for 19 years already (oh another year to two decades). The transition from teenager to adulthood is still going on....  I wasn't looking forward to my 19th birthday at all, because I knew I was already 19 by hijr calendar. And the fact that my birthday this year fell on the 5th of Syawal, people are still in raya mood (of course, me too!). Birthdays were never cakes and parties for me, but the night before abah brought us the family to Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri for family dinner. That's a little celebration right there, doa selamat + eat satayyyyy yay. You would never go wrong for choosing satay!

Being 19, there are some nights where I couldn't sleep. Thinking.... and keep on thinking. Running the brain on though I really need to sleep. Yep, being older means you have more worries and problems and merely thoughts that keep you awake.

Next month the result for university placement will be out. Only a few weeks left for holiday.... After that I will be studying for degree in the next four years wow
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