Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Finals soon

Salam & hi,

I am writing in my dorm room and I sort of wanted to write after not writing for so long ( so so soooooooooo very long ah). Last week was the last lectures for the semester and this week we only have labs session. One for Biochemistry and the other is Physiology. This week will be the last lab sessions. Next week we gonna have a Maulidur Rasul holiday and tutorials classes. What does it means? Finals are approaching!!!!!! In three weeks time!!!! Yep, the week after next week is the study week.

I'm so gonna ace this exam! I don't want to repeat the mistakes I did during asasi. Yeah, I'm still thinking about my asasi days from time to time (Should I make a post about this or nah heee).

Do make du'a for me people, love you xoxo

Ps: the photo above was taken during our interaction day. fun bunch for the next four years may we graduate together inshaAllah.
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