Monday, 6 February 2017

ASASIpintar Semester 1 Events: LLA Poster Exhibition

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This post is part 3 on ASASIpintar. For the whole two semesters of ASASIpintar, I joined a lot of activities/programs. Since I was a part of the students representative council (MPP), so most of the programs I was the committee member. For first semester, we had LLA Poster Exhibition. It was kind of an annual event held to exhibit our creative posters that we made for LLA assignment. LLA is a course that appreciates literature and language, hence the name of the course; Language & Literary Appreciation. For this poster exhibition, MPP was not in charge. Each set has their own committee member (AJK) and. They worked hard to make the event a success from sending out invitations to ordering the boards (where they put our posters). The event was held for a week. Some photos from the events;

Me and my poster

 There were around 400+ posters because each of us need to create two posters. A concrete poem and a poem on a given topic. Yeah it was a time to discover your creativity! There is no saying no to your creative-ness. I did think a lot to create my concrete poem. Nevertheless, everyone did a great job to complete their assignments and the committee member for the LLA Poster Exhibition did a wonderful job on their part. Mr Salleh did a great job to teach us on editing using PowerPoint. Never did I thought that we could edit or create a masterpiece by using PowerPoint. I only thought photo editing/ poster making is only by using Photoshop. Thank you for new ICT skills at 19 years of age hehehe.

Will continue with another events soon!
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