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Two days at UKM Bangi : Sea Games 2017 Volunteers Training

This is a long overdue post. But I would still share this in my blog. Yay alhamdulillah I got accepted as a volunteer for Sea Games 2017!!!!

The application was opened around early 2016, and I applied around this time last year, which was after I finished my foundation. I applied for myself and did not tell anyone. I have been waiting for their e-mails since forever, I went to KL2017 instagram and twitter for updates. The updates assure me that they are processing the applications. Anyways, when UKM Official Facebook page updated on the first cohort of training, I was quite excited because "Oh they are starting to giving out e-mails already!" Until.... my roommate already got an e-mail from the secretariat and I still have not (this was around January if I'm not mistaken), so I felt a bit down. My friend from primary school also uploaded a photo of her on fb joining the training. Don't they want me? :(

Alhamdulillah after almost a year waiting, I am accepted as a SEA GAMES 2017 volunteer! I'm part of the Opening & Closing ceremony team yay yay!! Cheers to myself! Click the image below for the e-mail,

So after clicking the 'Saya setuju' link, there are a few documents to be downloaded such as surat pelantikan, jadual etc. So, my training session was on 18-19 March 2017. Prior to the session, I joined whatsapp group for the volunteers that joined 18-19 March session. Found the invitation link from UKM MOOC (Open Learning) comment section. This website provides online learning course for the 7 modules that we covered during the two days training.

Training Day 1- Saturday 18 March
My father drove me to UKM Bangi. Felt like going back to my foundation days. Registered at Dataran Gemilang. Smooth process. Got my lanyard and filled up some forms, submit my passport photo and done. Went inside the bus and wait for it to be filled before going to Kolej Pendeta Za'ba (the place I stayed for two days). Did I mention that I really like the lanyard? *heart eyes emoji*

My room with two other roomates
Checked in. Got our bed sheets. Rest for a while in the room. Got to know le roommates, Alya (from SMK Jln Empat) and Kak Aisyah (from USIM). Then we had lunch and took the shuttle bus to Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan (FSSK). All lectures/training were conducted at the lecture hall of this faculty.

Full house with volunteers all over Malaysia (This was taken on second day (morning) when the hall is not yet full)
Told ya!
The session started with Module 2: Knowing ASEAN. Then we had another module before going back to KPZ for dinner. At 8, went back to FSSK for two more modules. It was tiring but the lectures were made fun and I did not doze off ha. They had interactive quiz (kahoot), lakonan, videos and much more. I think there are one or two UKM KL students that joined the training because I noticed from Kahoot when they entered their name it was something like 'UKMKL is here', 'FFAR UKMKL' ha so yeah but likely they are seniors since I did not see familiar faces from UKM KL.

Oh it's Dr Fadzilah. My Jati Diri lecturer during asasi.
Thoughts on Day 1: The modules were all enjoyable with all those interactive activities. Everyone was so in the mood for this! (Like well sometimes during group activities or when being asked to do cheers or silly things people would not do but hey we all did as being told lol). We did even did wave! Wish someone had the recording for this. The last module they played Gemuruh Jiwa (oh yes typical song for this kind of event I know but this is waaaaay awesome) and switched off the lights of the lecture hall. Lights were coming from phones' flashlight from the volunteers' phone of course and also the LCD projector. It was a memorable experience singing Gemuruh Jiwa in that setting. I have a short video for this but no photos sadly T_T

Training Day 2 - Sunday 19 March
A long day at FSSK. Left early in the morning after having our breakfast and started our training at 8am. We had lunch there and continue the session til evening. More photos for the second day because it was our last day :(
Kak Aisyah is in the same group as me yay. On my right is a teacher from SM Sains Tuanku Jaafar. Photo credit to Kak Aisyah
Happy selfie with Kak Aisyah. Thank you for the photo :)

Before lunch we are separated into small groups for activities. I'm in group 7. And in the classroom, we're divided again into five small groups. We did presentation and acting on situations that were given. Kudos to all groups for completing the task!

A photo with group 7. Photo credit: Whatsapp group Kohort 18

Spot the seniors! They had experience with SUKMA and Commonwealth Games too.
Good bye and see you again for next training. Photo credit to Whatsapp group Kohort 18
Thoughts on Day 2: Many memorable 'lakonan' on stages that made us laugh. Thank you volunteers. I enjoyed my two days stay at KPZ and also FSSK, you will be remembered. Dari luar FSSK nampak kecil je tapi sebenarnya besar bangunannya. Di belakang pun ada lagi bangunan tersorok. Went back at 6pm after check out and went to Dataran Gemilang. It was a rainy evening. Seems like Bangi would miss us too ecewah. The 500+ volunteers would definitely miss the two days training session.

The next training would be around May so I'm excited for the next training yay. This time we will be divided into our respective duty/ job scopes. Looking forward to Team Opening&Closing ceremony!

Mid sem break is over.
Going back to KL tomorrow.  

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